Door/Gate Entry Control

  ELK M1 systems provide simple control and management of access to your property.  Using proximity readers and access keypads, the system can grant or restrict access to secure areas via doors, garage doors, and gates.  The system can be partitioned into 8 different areas and supports up to 199 users. Users can be restricted by area, arm state, time, days of the week, etc.

Door and gate locks are controlled via relays on the ELK-M1KAM Single Door Access Module or output expanders.

The ELK-106055 UltraProx Wiegand Reader is a perfect match for the M1 system.  This compact, weatherproof external proximity reader can be connected to an M1 LCD Keypad (M1KP, M1KPB, M1KP2, M1KP3) or the ELK-M1KAM Single Door Access Module

We also offer the ELK-M1PR Keypad Plug In Proximity Reader for the ELK-M1KP LCD Keypad.  This compact proximity reader discreetly installs inside the M1KP Keypad and is ideal for high security installations or as an alternative to remembering pin codes for access as well as system arming and disarming.

  The ELK-106055 and ELK-M1PR Proximity Readers are compatible with ELK-M1PRC Proximity Cards and ELK-M1PRF Proximity Fobs.  The proximity cards are the perfect size to be kept in a wallet or outside pocket of a purse.  The small thin design of the proximity fobs can be carried on a keychain without making it bulky.