Customer Feedback

"Your products, I have found by experience and working with them hands on to be the best in the business. I like having an assortment of relay devices and delay circuits to incorporate in the security systems I custom design for each customer. Thanks for making a quality product at a reasonable price. It works for all of us." 
Anthony Hunt
United Security & Alarm
Topock, AZ

"I'm probably your biggest fan!
 I use all of your products."
Max Norton
Norton Telecom, Ent.
Starke, Florida

"Since our introduction to ELK, the products we have used have been a great asset to our company. Not only does the competitive pricing allow us to bid and land jobs that we had no chance at before, the zero defects have eliminated our return trips. This lowered our expenses. In addition, the staff at ELK is very knowledgeable and always eager to help. We look forward to an expanded product line and more business with ELK in the future."
Kent Hayden
Ruxer Service & Supply
Evansville, Indiana

"Our preference for batteries, horns, transformers, and power supplies has always been ELK Products."
Donald F. McGill
Able Alarm & Electronic Equipment
Louisville, Kentucky

"The ELK-9100 is the first 220-volt X10 product we have seen working on 3-phase electrical service. Congratulations on yet another outstanding and well engineered product!"
John Lockyer Sr.
Technical Advisor
Smarthome, Inc. 

"I have been using the ELK-950 for more than 2 years.  There have been no losses to the devices protected by the ELK-950 during this time.  I now offer warranty coverage for the protected devices.  This is a valuable sales aid for new and existing accounts."
Ken Lunn
Central Network Systems
Robertsdale, Alabama

"We use the ELK-800 Compact Amplifier and have had no problems at all.  We are pleased with the performance."
Peggy Hilton
Pro-Tech Solutions
Suwanee, Georgia

"I always use ELK speakers, surge suppressors, siren drivers, and power supplies because of the superior quality and “always works right out of the box” experience.  Keep up the good work!"
Clint Spencer
Spencer Security
Gainesville, Georgia

"ELK-BLT has increased battery sales.  It's good to show the customer just how reliable the battery will be during a power outage."
Bob Clark
B&L Security Service
Hickory, North Carolina

"Everything has been fantastic with your product ... quality, service, delivery, customer service.  Thank you so much for making my job easier.  I wish all my vendors were as great to work with as ELK."
Rick Davis

RMD Associates
San Antonio, Texas

"ELK stands for top quality products at a reasonable price, with excellent service."
H. Wayne Umberger
Millington Alarm Systems
Millington, Tennessee

"We have used the ELK-1RT & ELK-150RT with great success and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable solution for an outdoor speaker or siren."
Jerry Vanderkleed
OneTouch Security Plus, LLC
Lafayette, Indiana 

"We use the relays, speakers, and batteries.  The transformers are great, too.  All are reliable, quality products!"
Rick Smedley
Security Equipment
McMinnville, Tennessee

"The ELK-110 voice driver, speakers, and ELK-1RT are better than other brands.  ELK batteries are hard to beat, too.  The phone line surge suppressor is excellent.  One special note is that ELK is willing to listen to your suggestions."
Ronnie Allred

"Every ELK product we have chosen to use has delivered beyond our expectations."
Seth P. Oginz
Security Consultants Unlimited
Roanoke, Virginia

"We have used ELK products for 3+ years, installing ELK-950's on EVERY new install. We have saved many panels."
Brad Pugh
Lima Security Inc.
Lima, Ohio

"I have been using ELK products for years and always found them to be of superb quality. That's fine, but without good service that's only half the job. Thankfully, ELK has good service to back up their products."
Edward P. Meyer, Jr.
Central Systems Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky

"We highly recommend ELK transformers and low voltage relays."
Mike Murray
Cain Security Systems
Alexandria, Virginia

"The more I use ELK products, the less I worry about dealing with "bad-out-of-the-box" or DOA equipment. I could see myself buying ELK exclusively someday!"
Jason Falen
Carolina Alarm Inc.
Winston Salem, North Carolina

"We strive daily to achieve the highest quality installations by utilizing highly trained technicians, the best tools, and the best equipment available. To help achieve that goal, we use most of the ELK products. They are dependable and easy to install."
Nelson Garrett
Garrett Security Systems Inc.
White House, Tennessee

"I haven't found a product from ELK that I don't like. We have been able to make impossible things happen with Magic Modules™. I'm not the world's greatest programmer - I've gotten a lot of help from the guys at ELK, but Magic Modules™ truly are magic!"
John McClelland
Miami Gate Operator Co.
Miami, Florida

"ELK stands behind their products better than any other company I've dealt with in the security industry. We don't have many problems, but when we do they make it right."
Tommy Elsten
Elsten Security Services, Inc.
Hendersonville, Tennessee

"ELK surge suppressors have greatly reduced the problems I was having with lightning. I recommend to every customer that they have one installed."
Jeff Hartsell
Hartsell's Locksmith, Inc.
Albemarle, North Carolina

“As a professional dealer/installer of home automation equipment, reliability and performance are the most important aspects of the equipment I sell. ELK products are my first choice for both. Those aspects coupled with reasonable pricing make me feel there is no better alternative. If ELK makes it, that’s what I use.”
Stephen L. Cox
Live Systems Automation, LLC
Lincoln, Nebraska

"The ELK-70 & ELK-75 look and sound great. They are easy to install and customers really like the way they look and blend in with their decor. ELK transformers are heavy duty and very reliable."
Brian Jankowski
Forthofer Alarms
Lorain County, Ohio

"At Worthington we include a TRG self resetting transformer in all of the system packages we create. We know what it is like to be finishing a job at 8:00 PM, plug in the transformer and blow a fuse. With the TRG you simply unplug the transformer, fix the wiring issue and keep going. Nothing is worse than being on a job and having to go back, the TRG helps our dealers finish jobs on time."
Tom Morgan
Worthington Distribution
Paupack, Pennsylvania

"I am very impressed with the new M-1 Control and keypads. I found the system to be extremely easy to work with especially for prior Moose control users with Z-1250 & Z-2000 experience. I am very, very, very impressed with the features of the M-1 package. IT IS TRULY WORTHY OF IT'S Z-1100 MOOSE HERITAGE. The keypads look simple but very expensive looking and the temperature indication on the keypad was a nice touch. This system was a perfect fit in the 1.7M$ residence that I installed it in. Programming appears to be simple and intuitive and I am excited about the voice response feature. I will give you more info and impressions when I complete the project."
Terry Harris
Interlock Security
Gaffney, South Carolina

"As a School District we do it a little different. We do all Security, Fire, Access Control, Telco, Closed Circuit TV, and Paging in house. The M1G is a control like no other. We found that it can talk to and interface with many of our systems. Ease of programming complex actions is a welcome change. Not a believer, have ELK send you one. The people are just great to deal with."
Don Reid
Hollidaysburg Area School District
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

"I bought your timer circuit." (ELK-960) "It worked like a charm. I think it's flexible enough for a number of applications.  Thanks for offering a great product."
Mike Appolonia
Mercury Technologies LLC
Winston Salem, North Carolina

"I LOVE this ELK M1 Gold!   You guys have done an OUTSTANDING JOB!  Seems very high quality, both from a hardware and software perspective and just a perfect feature set!  I'd have to say that this was the most easy to install and use system that I've ever come across.  Specifically, the wiring diagram and text on the cover for the motherboard is terrific!  And the plug-in terminals, which allow wiring outside of the box, makes it easier in tight spaces.  The ElkRP program is particularly WONDERFUL:  One can connect by several means, my favorite way being by the Ethernet expansion board.  The compare feature - between what is programmed in the system and that in the RP's database is invaluable."
"Elk Products and the M1 Gold ROCK!"
Michael O. Tjebben
Senior Member, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

"In a world where corporate Giants lose sight of the hardworking, independent dealer's needs, we fully, 100%, endorse ELK and their efforts TO BE what others are NOT. Now all that being said.. THIS PRODUCT (ELK-M1) ROCKS ! "
Keith Fisher
KEYTH® Technologies, Inc.
Highland Park, Illinois

"We had been a Silent Knight Dealer since the 1960's, standardizing on their panels and platforms in a job with 3 zones or 244 zones.  After searching through different platforms to be what we run our company with everyday , the Elk M1 is a very nice fit.  This company has a panel that you can retrofit into older systems that will tolerate "old" protect loops without ringing off. The panel sits like a rock. Keypads, zone expanders and relay outputs make this a fit for running your business with ONE control panel, much like all regency dealers from Silent Knight experienced. The M1 is only #2 at ELK Products when compared to their tech line to overcome questions or problems. This is a company that walks the walk. If you have any doubts, and you are a licensed alarm company thinking about standardizing on this product, feel free to visit our company and we will show you this product in the field."
Jon Wapner
Allied Central Station Alarms, Inc
Oceanside, New York

"There's nothing on the market that even touches the M1!"
Martin Carpenter
Carpenter & Sons Ltd
Lincolnton, North Carolina

"I must say that your M1G product is the most innovative and ‘friendly’ security/automation I have ever worked with.  It has EVERY feature I have dreamed about for years….and even more.  I never expected to integrate automation with security to the degree that you have.  And voice is just icing on the cake!  Even the small touches like a heavy-gauge steel cabinet and built-in power switch, or the ‘battery reversed’ LED all help to make this system wonderful.   I am a newbie at your system and approach it from the computer side.  Once I got the ElkRP running I felt very comfortable with the system.  The M1G bridges the gap between old-school security systems and modern computer GUI control.   The vision of your development team is top notch!  I hope to further my expansion into this new field you have created."
Tad Williams
Wayne Posnick Industries
Howard Lake, Minnesota

"The M1-GOLD is a very solid controller for dedicated security and home automation. The ability to do an update without a chip change is a win-win solution. It's ability to interface with other products that have RS-232 control is outstanding. Also the ability to activate and deactivate the voice annunciation is a plus also. We are so impressed with the present controller and announced upgrades. We are now promoting the system to builders for their model homes and subdivisions as well as homeowners."
John Milline
MHS Systems
Atlanta, Georgia

"My company started installing ELK systems about a year ago and as a technician they are my favorite system to install because of their simplicity of installation and programming and their reliability. I just installed an M1G with the new TS-07 and the screens were very cool!!!"
Nelson Rodriguez
California Built-In Systems
Manteca, California

"...My search brought me to the ELK M1 and M1 Gold Platform. The M1 has been around for several years’ and the company that designed and manufactured the M1 has many years of experience in the security industry.  ELK calls the M1 a “Platform” because it has endless options and interfaces that can be built upon."
Read Mike's Editorial
Michael Zemering
FM Systems, Inc.
Rockville Center, NY

"Elk's M1 is the ONLY system to interface with an AMX automation system and we have tried them all.
Keep up the good work!"
Gary Spaniola
GSLogic, Inc.
Shelby Township, MI

"After more than 20 years in the industry of alarms and 10 years in Home automation Technoselect choice ELK products......... we think is the most powerful products in Home automation industry."
J.Pierre Desjardins

"The ELK M1G is sure a great security device as a house-control. But it can not only control a townhouse, but also a farm. And everything else too.

Have a look to the page  "an ELK on the meadow" on my website
which was originally written for where you find more stuff regarding home-security & -automation.

The ELK-system solved a lot of my problems in a very easy way, - and has a great support."
Ernst Viehweger
Pittsburg, TX