Heavy Duty Relay/Contactor


The ELK-9200 is a Heavy Duty Relay/Contactor inside a lockable metal enclosure. It is designed for remotely controlling high current devices such as electric water heaters, pumps, motors, gates, etc. The energizing coil of the 9200 is 110 VAC, however its relay contacts are capable of switching 220 VAC at up to 60 Amps of current. The relay coil is prewired with a three (3) prong plug-in cord. This plug is compatible with virtually any appliance style automation module (purchased separately) including: UPB, Insteon, ZWave, Zigbee, X10, etc. A simple remote command can be sent to activate the lower current automation module, which in turn then activates the higher current contacts of the 9200 relay. This permits the safe and easy On/Off switching of up to 60 Amps of electrical current



• Pre-Wired Terminal Lugs for easy Installation.
• 110 VAC Plug Cord for Energizing the Relay Coil
• Heavy Duty "Lockable" Metal Enclosure
• 60 Amp Long Life Double Pole Relay Contacts.
• Relay Suitable for a 110 VAC or 220 VAC Load
• Ideal for Water Heaters, Motors, Pumps, etc.


• Heavy Duty "UL Recognized" Relay
• Operating Coil Voltage: 110 VAC
• Coil Current Draw: less than 35 mA
• Contacts Rated for: 60 Amps AC maximum
• Metal Enclosure Size: 12" x 12" x 3.375" * Not suitable for wet locations.
• Color: White

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