M1EZ8 Kit with Enclosure



The Affordable and Customized Control Solution

The M1EZ8 Security and Automation Control System combines security,
energy management, and integrated control solutions to provide
comfort, convenience and simplicity.

Security and Safety
M1EZ8 provides peace of mind with comprehensive detection and reporting capabilities to protect what matters most.  Easy system expansion and support for wireless sensors ensure M1EZ8 is the right fit today and in the future.

Flexible and Integration Friendly 
Choose the system that uses smart features like occupancy detection, environmental conditions and a built-in astronomical clock to manage and control lights, thermostats, water valves, garage doors, gates and more.

Convenient Interfaces
With timely access to information and simple, user-friendly interfaces, M1EZ8 keeps you informed and in control.  It’s easy to access the system from anywhere with popular smart devices.  No monthly fees required! 
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