M1 Cross Platform Control® Product Family Overview

Elk's M1 Controls incorporate security, fire, door entry control, and energy & task management to provide total control of home or business. By working with products from over 50 partner manufacturers, the M1Gold & M1EZ8 offer a truly integrated solution. These IP accessible systems offer simple, yet powerful on-site and remote user interfaces, giving the consumer full control anytime, from anywhere.

M1 Gold Security & Automation Control

M1 Gold is commonly referred to as a Cross Platform® control due to the fact that it can be networked with other industry standard systems. A 500+ word vocabulary pleasantly announces system status, configurable in any sequence, to alleviate user intimidation. The built-in voice dialer can call up to 8 phone numbers and alert owners of status changes; such as, critical temperature levels, water leaks, children arriving home from school, etc. Built-in telephone remote control allows you to control temperature settings, water heater, garage door, lighting, and sprinklers plus arming/disarming system and more; by simply picking up the phone – any phone. Integrators and Installers will value the flash memory firmware, RS-232 serial port, Ethernet connectivity option, and PC programming in English text.

  M1EZ8 Economical Security & Automation Control

M1EZ8 offers an economical solution for installations not requiring the voice and telephone remote control capability of the M1 Gold. Built on the same software architecture as M1 Gold, the possibilities for expansion, networking with other systems, and option for programming and control over the internet make M1EZ8 an exceptional value.

 Key Differences Between M1 Gold and M1EZ8
 M1 Gold  M1EZ8
 Voice Capability
  • Voice Announcements
  • Built-in Telephone Remote Control
  • Integrated Voice Dialer
 No Voice Capability
 16 On-board Input Zones, expandable to 208  8 On-board Input Zones, expandable to 200
 13 On-board Outputs, expandable to 205
  • 1 voice driver/siren
  • 1 siren driver/voltage
  • 1 form "C" relay
  • 10 low current voltage (50 mA)
 12 On-board Outputs, expandable to 204
  • 1 siren driver/voltage
  • 1 form C relay
  • 10 low current voltage (10 mA)
 On-Board Serial Port Serial Port available with addition of
ELK-M1EZ8MSI Main Serial Port Interface
 Plug-In Terminals  Non-removable screw terminals
 4 Power Terminals - 3 Auxiliary, 1 Switched Smoke  2 Power Terminals, 1 Auxiliary, 1 Switched Smoke
 Master Power Switch and Low Battery Disconnect  Master Power Switch and Low Battery Disconnect switch available with addition of ELK-965
 Zone Voltage Display and Volt/Current Meter  Zone Voltage Display and Voltmeter
 Two Way Listen-In Capability:
  • For Central Station Alarm Verification
  • User activated through telephone remote control
 No Two Way Listen-In Capability