ELK’s industry leading two-way wireless technology for the M1 Control revolutionizes the reliability and functionality of wireless peripherals for homes and businesses.

  • Full, true two-way signal acknowledgement

  • Assures installation confidence through signal quality and status LED indicators

  • Constantly monitors and adjusts ideal RF power level to deliver clear signal while maximizing battery life

  • Utilizes 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum to increase signal diversity and agility to make sure that signal gets through

Let ELK’s two-way wireless technology increase your profits through faster installation, simplified  troubleshooting and fewer service calls.


The ONLY Way is Two-Way™

Now Available!
Glass Break Sensor
ELK-M1GSYS4STW Two Way Wireless Ready M1 Gold Kit
M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver
Four Button Keyfob
Slim Line Door & Window Sensor
Mini Window Sensor
Universal 3-Zone Sensor
ELK-6011 Two-Way Wireless Single Button Panic Sensor
ELK-6030 Two Way Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
ELK-6030P Wireless PIR with Pet Immunity
Smoke Detector
ELK-M1XRFTWKIT Two-Way Wireless Starter Kit