M1 Application Notes

  Announce Which Phone Line is Ringing

Submitted By Mike Dupre with Medi-Call Canada

Facility has three separate ringing phone lines that are not attended by a receptionist or automated answering system.  If one of the phones rang, someone had to walk over to a phone to see which line was ringing.  

An ELK-930(C) Telephone Ring Detector is connected to each incoming line and connected to 3 separate zones on the M1(see hook-up diagram below).

These zones are set up as "Non Alarm" (definition 16) and normally open (type 2).  The voice description for each zone is set up as shown below.

By checking the enable chime box for each of the zones, on the zone setup screen in ElkRP, and setting the chime to voice on the keypad, M1 will announce the message programmed in the voice description for the zone (as shown above) when that line rings.  In this application, the announcement needs to be made regardless of whether the chime feature is active.  To accomplish this, use the rule shown below.

          THEN ANNOUNCE Phone Line One (Zn 12)

With the rule above, the announcement will be made each time the phone rings.  If that operation is not desired, and unused output can be used to set a timer to suppress the announcement.  Using the following rule, the announcement will be made the first time the line rings.  If the line is still ringing 15 seconds later, the announcement will be made again.

     AND Output 200 STATE IS OFF
          THEN ANNOUNCE Phone Line One (Zn 12)
          THEN TURN Output 200 ON FOR 15 SECS

Note: Disable the chime feature for the phone line zones on the zone setup screen in ElkRP, as it may interfere with the operation of this rule.

Repeat the zone setup and create a rule for the remaining zones.  With this set up, the M1 will announce which line is ringing, eliminating the inconvenience of checking to see which line it is.

"It actually works so well, we turned off the ringers on all the phones in here. A great stress reliever not to hear a half dozen phones ringing. Just a pleasant tone and female voice announcing which line."
Mike Dupre
Medi-Call Canada
Ottawa, Ontario