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    Brett Spiller

    When will the elk e27 alarm engine gonna be available? Reports had said early 2022 and yet I barely still hear anything about it since it’s launch.

    Mike Burrell


    Thank you for inquiring about the new control. We are actively working to prepare the product for release, our initial goal was as you stated early 2022. This has been delayed due to some improvements we elected to do before releasing the platform in order to add performance to the control and services.  At this time we are aiming for mid-summer as a targeted launch.



    Hugo Lyppens

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>My elk m1 gold is malfunctioning. Instead of replacing it with another m1 gold, I am considering the Alarm Engine. Can I keep using all my rs485 bus keypads, zone extenders etc.?</p>

    Brad Weeks

    The M1 Bus Devices (keypads, input expanders, outputs expanders and serial ports expanders) will not work with the E27. the E27 has a different bus protocol.

    William Campbell

    Can we pre-order?

    Hugo Lyppens

    Will I be able to continue using my UPB light switches after upgrading from M1 Gold to Alarm Engine?

    Michael Burrell

    The E27 Alarm Engine or specifically the ElkConnect cloud platform is still under development. We are getting closer to nailing down a release date and we are working hard to get through the finalization of the cloud services, apps, and installer portal.

    William – At this time we are not able to take pre-orders.

    Hugo – We will not have any third-party integrations at the launch of the product.

    Hugo Lyppens

    IMHO, it’s misguided to finally, after too many years, present a follow-up product to the Elk M1 Gold and not allowing it to be a drop-in replacement to the Elk M1 Gold.

    Why should I be loyal to the Elk brand if a new Elk product is as incompatible to my Elk keypads and UPB light switches as other brands’ panels?

    Why do you call UPB third-party when I have an ELK-M1PCSPIM, an Elk product that connects to the data bus?


    Michael Burrell


    I apologize for the misunderstanding, but the E27 Alarm Engine is not a replacement for the M1 Gold control. This is a new/different offering.  We do appreciate your loyalty and commitment to Elk Products.

    In order to bring UPB into the new control, we would need to develop a new PCSPIM module that would be compatible with the new Data Bus protocol of the Alarm Engine series.


    William Turner

    Just when I was upgrading my alarm from a Vista 20P to an Elk M1 Gold.     I’ll be using the M1EXP, hopefully the M1 Gold and the M1EXP will continue to be supported and updated when necessary.

    Michael Burrell

    William – Absolutely the M1 Gold as well as its supporting products will be supported and updated. We have some new products planned for the M1 platform in the future as well.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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