Allonis’s myServer provides bidirectional, full-featured integration with the ELK M1 security system. myServer includes a completely customizable user interface that can display at a glance, motion sensing and live camera views – that can be configured to display only when the security system is armed and a zone is violated. Door and window status include graphics that support motion for immediate attention. The user can also arm / disarm the security system, control a whole house audio system, and control most all popular lighting systems from an attractive and intuitive user interface. myServer also supports full irrigation scheduling and control of irrigation relays that might be connected to the ELK panel. Voice notification, task activation and scheduling, are all supported.

User’s existing smartphone, tablets, desktop computers are all reusable as myServer supports standard HTML5 web technology to control their ELK system (and much more).

Connects to M1 via:

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