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ElkRMS - Control Software for Consumers

Provides graphic interface to M1Gold or M1EZ8 control over local network  Requires purchase of product license key. 

ElkRMS Full Install (2.0.10) ElkRMS Full Install (2.0.10) (released 1/24/2011)
ElkRMS Update for ELK Touchscreens (2.0.10) ElkRMS Update for ELK Touchscreens (2.0.10)
This self-extracting program contains the files needed to update the ELK-TS07(with Compact Flash Card) or ELK-TS071. This update requires a USB (thumb) drive. Run this self-extracting program by clicking the link above and selecting "Run" when prompted. Alternately, you may save it to your desktop and run it from there, then delete it afterward. Carefully read and follow the on-screen instructions to update the touchscreen.
IMPORTANT NOTES For RM_Setup Program (1.1.10) IMPORTANT NOTES For RM_Setup Program (1.1.10) (released 1/24/2011)
This document explains important changes to the RM_Setup Program (version 1.1.10 or later). The RM_Setup program is included with ElkRMS and is used to setup video, audio, and links in ElkRMS.