Recordable Voice Annunciator Module

ELK-124 v.3 (Version 3)

The ELK-124 v.3 is a new and enhanced 8 channel recordable voice module. It’s ideal for applications such as telephone on-hold announcements, security and access control warnings, museum narrations, and more. Each channel can hold up to 1 minute of recorded voice and/or music with a combined total record time of 8 minutes. Recording is quick and easy using the built-in microphone and push to record button. A line-level output jack allows connection to external amplifiers, audio equipment, and paging systems. It features convenient channel activation switches and the ability to play each channel once or to repeat endlessly. The optional


Computer Sound Card Interface
may be used to download .WAV sounds from a PC to the ELK-124. Also available is the

ELK-120 v.3 (Version 3)

Multi-Channel Recordable Voice and Siren Driver Module
offering voice and siren channels.


• Eight Channels of Recordable Voice/Music.
• Maximum record time is 8 minutes which may be divided between the number of channels required
• Recordings are stored in non-volatile memory.
• Each channel selectable for "+" or "-" triggering.
• Each channel will accept a momentary trigger.
• Continuous playback or "One Shot" settings.
• Built-in condenser microphone for recording.
• Adjustable speaker volume and current draw.
• Powerful 24 watt audio amplifier for Speakers.
• Line Level Output for Amplifiers and Paging Systems.
• PC sound card interface connector.
• Mounted inside ELK-PB1 plastic enclosure.
• Lifetime Limited Warranty


• Operating Voltage: 11 to 14 Volts DC
• Current Draw: .2 to 2 Amps, (depends on volume setting and speaker loading)
• Sound Level: 122 db @ 1 meter, 14 vdc
• Max. Speaker Loading: 4 Ohms
• Max. Message Length: 1 minute per channel or 8 minutes for a combined single channel
• Enclosure Size: 6.5" W x 4.375"H x 2"D, White Plastic

Put these cool sounds on your ELK-124 !

Click to listen; right-click to download.
These files are in the Windows Media (WAV) format.
Channel 1 default message (burg) elk-120c1.wav (215KB)
Channel 2 default message (fire) elk-120c2.wav (97KB)
Industrial buzzer sound buzzer.wav (35KB)
Police sound w/echo pol_echo.wav (41KB)
Popular yelp siren sound yelp1.wav (287KB)
Spacey yelp sound yelp2.wav (175KB)
Slow low-to-high yelp yelp3.wav (267KB)
Single yelp (cop sound) quickyelp.wav (42KB)
4 gong-like sounds gongs.wav (87KB)

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