M1 Two Way Listen-In Interface


Adds up to three (3) zones of two way listen-in to M1 Gold Control. This can be used by the central Station to verify an alarm, or by a user from the telephone remote control to check on elderly parents, children, etc. Up to 12 microphones (M1TWS) may be connected.



• Interfaces Listen-in Microphones to the M1Gold
• Powers Microphones and Performs Switching
• Provides 3 Separate Microphone Zones
• Each Zone Can Have Up to 4 Microphones
• All Programming and Operation Is Performed from the M1 Control


• Requires ELK-M1TWM or M1TWS Microphones
• Operating Voltage: 12 Volts D.C.
• M1TWI Board Current Draw: 10mA
• Microphone Current Draw. 5mA each
• Housing Dimensions: 4.375" x 3.0" x 1.125"
• Circuit Board Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.75

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