M1 16 Zone Input Expander


Adds 16 hardwired zones (EOL resistor supervised) to the M1 Gold or M1EZ8 Controls. Operates from 4-wire data bus. Up to 12 of these can be used, increasing total zones (inputs) to 208.



• 16 EOL Resistor Supervised Hardwire Zones
• Operates on the 4-Wire Data Bus
• DIP Switch Address Settings
• Flash Memory for Firmware Updating
• Plug-In Terminal Strips
• Status and Diagnostic LED
• On-Board EOL Bus Termination Jumper
• Vertical Mounting using ELK-SWG Glides(included)


• Inputs: Plug-In Terminals with Elevator Style Wire Clamps and Screws
• Operating Power Range: 9 to 14 VDC
• Current Draw: 65 mA
• Size: 6" x 3.25" x .75" H

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