Structured Wiring Box


Multi-purpose cabinet for structured wiring, controls, & peripherals. Versatile mounting for multiple manufacturer’s structured wiring modules; such as Leviton, OnQ, OpenHouse, and others. May be flush or surface mounted. Flush mounting is ideal for hollow frame walls with studs on 16” centers. The minimum rough opening is 14.25” wide, 28.25” high, 4.5” deep. Can be adjusted for varying wall finish thicknesses and the locking, removable hinged lid extends beyond the box edges approximately 5/8” which easily conceals uneven cutouts of the wallboard edges. It’s universal design features a hole-slot-hole mounting system that allows it to accommodate shelves, brackets, wire modules and equipment from many different manufacturers.

Also see the ELK-SWB14,
a smaller 14.25" structured wiring / control box.



• Recess Mounts Into 3.5” x 16” Ctr. Wall Cavities.
• Knockouts: 1/2", 3/4", and 1 1/4" conduits.
• Knockout for inserting an Electrical Outlet J Box.
• Heavy Duty Hinged Removable Cover with Cam Lock.
• UL Listed Enclosure for Residential Burglary & Fire Systems


• Overall Box: 14.25” W x 28” H x 4.5” D (Allows for .5” wall finish plus door)
• Overall Cover: 15.5” W x 29.875” H.
• Metal Gauge: 18 gauge.
• Color: Appliance White

Accessories for the SWB28:

Grommet Donuts (ELK-SWD1)
Pack of 2 grommet donuts for use in the 1.75" wire entry holes to protect wires from nicks and scrapes.

Circuit Board Glides (ELK-SWG)
Pack of 2 board glides for mounting of Security and Automation Controller boards.

Multipurpose Adapter Plate (ELK-SWP)
Adapts unusual components, boards, devices, etc. to fit into the SWB28 or SWR rails.

Multipurpose Adapter Plate (ELK-SWP3)
3" Adapter plate. Fits SWB28 or SWR rails.

Battery Shelf (ELK-SWS)
Holds up to an 8 Ah Battery and mounts to the SWB28 or SWR rails.

Nylon Standoffs for Circuit Boards (ELK-SWNS1)
Package of 10 standoffs. (1/4" spacing, fits .156" hole)

Mount circuit boards like the ELK-MM443 to the ELK-SWP Adapter Plate.

Camlock (ELK-SWCL3)
(for replacement purposes)

Replacement Door for ELK-SWB28 ( ELK-SWFD28)
Includes Camlock
Door Size:  15.63" x 29.88" x .63"

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