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Sealed Lead Acid Battery


ELK Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are excellent for the following applications with regard to size, Amp hour rating, and proper terminal connections: battery backup (for Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Security Alarm Systems), emergency lights, lighted exit signs, and uninterruptible power supplies.


Product Details

• Rechargeable
• All virgin materials for long life
• More lead for greater Ah capacity
• Size comparable to other manufacturer's lower Ah sizes
• UL Recognized Component
• 2 Year Over-the Counter Warranty

• Nominal Voltage: 12 Volts
• Rated Capacity: 12 AH (20 hour rate)
• Length: 5.94" (151mm)
• Width: 3.90" (99mm)
• Height: 3.78" (96mm)
• Total Height: 3.94" (100mm)
• Terminals: F1-Faston Tab No. 187
• Case Quantity: 40

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