Computer Sound Card Interface


The ELK-129 Computer Sound Card Interface allows a computer's speaker output to be used as one of the tools for programming sounds into the ELK Recordable Modules, such as the ELK-120 or ELK-124. Includes software to download your compute's audio files (WAVs) to the Recordable Modules.

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Product Details

• Powers ELK-120 or ELK-124 Modules during Programming.
• Power Switch.
• Audio Jacks for Computer and Speakers.
• Plug-In Cable for Quick Connections to Recordable Modules.
• Includes 6 foot Shielded Cable for Speakers.
• Compact Plastic Case.
• Programs Recordable Modules in Seconds!
• Size: 4.4" x 3" x 1.15" (111.8mm x 76.3mm x 29.2mm).
• Supplies 12Volts D.C. @ 1 Amp for ELK-120 / 124 Modules.
• Requires MS Windows 98 or higher, Stereo Speaker Output Jack or Sound Card and computer speakers.
• Requires (1) 12V, 20VA AC Transformer (not included) to program the ELK-120 or ELK-124.
• Lifetime Limited Warranty.

For downloading sounds files (.wav) to an ELK-120 or ELK-124 recordable module (waveloader.exe, self-extracting, 1.3 MB)

Put these cool sounds on your Recordable Modules!
Click to listen; right-click to download. These files are in the Windows Media (WAV) format.
ELK-120 Channel 1 default message (burg) elk-120c1.wav (215KB)
ELK-120 Channel 2 default message (fire) elk-120c2.wav (97KB)
Industrial buzzer sound buzzer.wav (35KB)
Police sound w/echo pol_echo.wav (41KB)
Popular yelp siren sound yelp1.wav (287KB)
Spacey yelp sound yelp2.wav (175KB)
Slow low-to-high yelp yelp3.wav (267KB)
Single yelp (cop sound) quickyelp.wav (42KB)
4 gong-like sounds gongs.wav (87KB)

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