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Sound All™ Smoke Detector


The ELK-6050 Wireless Smoke Detector is designed for use with Elk's two-way wireless product line consisting of the ELK-M1XRFTW Transceiver and the ELK-M1 Control. It is intended for residential applications and incorporates many features designed to ensure its reliable performance.

This smoke detector is provides a two-way solution with built-in sounder and wireless “Sound All”activation during an alarm. The unit utilizes photoelectric smoke detection technology, and also includes fixed temperature 135°F heat detection and rapid "rate-of-rise" temperature detection. Built-in self-diagnostics monitors sensitivity and operation status.


Product Details

• Compatible with ELK-M1XRFTW(M) two-way wireless transceivers
• Ability to activate built-in sounder of all enrolled ELK-6050 smoke detectors
• Photoelectric Smoke Detection
• Rapid “rate-of-rise” temperature detection
• Fixed temperature(135° F) heat detection
• Size: 5.6”W x 2.4”H


• Sound All™ Smoke Detector
• (2) Replaceable 3V Lithium battery
• (2) Plastic Anchors
• (2) #6 Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws
• Instructions

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