M1 Data Bus Hub For Retrofit


An "active" RS-485 data bus hub designed for jobs where an M1Gold or M1EZ8 Control is retrofitting an older panel that has multiple homerun 4 conductor keypad/data wires. It splits the main 485 data bus into 4 managed 485 branches. Each branch can have 2 parallel home run cables for a total of 8 home runs. The end of each cable is EOL terminated to insure proper operation and supervision.


Product Details

• Splits The Controls' RS-485 Data Bus Output Into 4 Managed Branches
• Each Managed Branch Can Have 2 Parallel Home Run Cables (Total Of 8 Home Runs)
• EOL Termination Of Each Branch Insures Proper Operation And Supervision
• Works With Std. 4 Conductor Home Run Wire
• An Additional Unit May Be Connected In Parallel To The Control For Expanding Total Capacity
• Includes Mounting Rails for ELK-SWB Boxes

• Inputs: Elevator Screw Terminals, 4 Position
• Output: Elevator Screw Terminals, 4 Position
• Circuit Board Dimensions: 4.9" x 2.75"

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