M1 to Leviton Z-Wave Interface


The M1XSLZW is a specialized Elk-M1 serial expander for connecting an M1 Control to Z-Wave enabled devices through a Leviton VRC0P+3 Z-Wave Serial Interface. Z-Wave is a wireless, low power, "mesh" network technology widely used for automating devices such as: Lights, Thermostats, Electronic Locks, etc. Z-Wave empowers devices to be remotely controlled from across the room or across the world with benefits such as energy savings, convenience, and comfort.

The VRC0P+3 is known as a Z-Wave Secondary Controller. It must be included as a permanent member of the Z-Wave network as its job is to maintain contact with all Z-Wave devices. It communicates via RS232 to the M1XSLZW which translates the protocol into the M1 control. This allows commands to be sent and received on the Z-Wave network.

Product Details

• Activity/Status LED (Orange)
• Auto-Reset Hardware Watchdog Circuit
• Addressable (1-7) TYPE 5 Databus ID
• Connection to VRC0P+3: DB9M 9 Pin Port
• Connection to M1: Elevator Screw Terminals (4)
• Operating Voltage: 12 Volts D.C.
• Current Draw: 31mA
• Housing: 4.25" x 6.375" x 2.125"
• Circuit Board: 2.25" x 3.95"


• M1 to Leviton Z-Wave Serial Interface
• Plastic Housing
• 4 #6 Plastic Anchors
• 4 #6 Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws
• Instructions

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