Using Automation as an Intrusion Deterrent

Application & Programming Notes Outdoor motion detectors, like the ELK-6032 Two-Way Wireless All Environment PIR, are programmed as non-alarm zones in the M1 system. Rules are used to increment a counter to track the level of activity detected by the PIR sensors. Various voice announcem ..

Using Vacation Mode for Convenience, Peace of Mind, and Energy Savings

Vacation mode is a second level of Away mode arming that allows the system to activate different routines when you are away for extended periods of time. This may include: Setting back thermostats and turning off water heaters to save on energy costs Controlling lights on random schedule ..

Installer Branding Options for Apps

Strong branding is key to customer confidence and loyalty. For companies with a well established brand, it is important to extend this advantage across all of their efforts. Branding options are available to installers for our M1 partner apps eKeypad Pro (/m1-integration-partners/ekeypad) and M1 Tou ..

Add Value to Video Surveillance Installs with Voice

Video surveillance continues to expand its presence in residential and commercial markets as network capabilities and lower equipment costs increase marketing appeal. While some consumers may find DIY options attractive, there are many opportunities for professional installers to differentia ..

Transitioning from HAI Omni? Take a look at ELK's M1 Systems

Leviton recently announced plans to phase out the HAI Omni product family. If you are an Omni installer, you will soon find yourself deciding how to move forward and which products will be viable alternatives. We invite you to consider ELK's M1 Security and Automation Platform (/m1_controls.html) ..

Why You Need Surge Suppression

Lightning --- We've all seen it and for some it is a spectacular event to be admired, photographed and studied. For others lightning is frightening causing severe stress and panic. In either case you should take precautions to protect yourself as well as your electronic equipment from light ..

M1 Energy Saving Solutions

M1 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS HELP REDUCE ENERGY COST WITHOUT SACRIFICING COMFORT The M1 Security & Automation Control offers an incredibly flexible solution for residential and commercial installations. M1 combines rock solid security & life safety with full ..

M1 Controls - The Secure Choice

M1 Control products are designed to safeguard against cyber threats and other security risks. Superior encryption & multi-level authentication for alarm communicators and IoT smart control • Communications for programming and IoT smart control utilize the same encrypt ..

Is Your Wireless Solution Truly Secure?

Wireless security systems offer a practical solution for new and existing homes and business, requiring less time and complication to install. However, many conventional wireless products on the market have some shocking vulnerabilities, as revealed in recent news reports. These products ..

ELK Recordables = Halloween Fun!

ELK's recordable modules are a great way to incorporate scary sound effects to your next Halloween event. The ELK-120 ( (4 Channels/Sounds) and the ELK-124 (http://www.elkpr ..

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