Mounting Options for the ELK-SP12F

The ELK-SP12F is a discrete, flush mount speaker that works great for any interior speaker application. The low profile design and single gang wall plate size allows the unit to be unnoticed at outlet height.

But, did you know...

The SP12F can be mounted behind the M1KP2 keypad for a concealed speaker solution.

How It Works

To mount the SP12F behind the M1KP2, the single gang face plate must be removed. The speaker is attached to the faceplate with molded plastic retainers. Remove these plastic retainers using side cutting pliers.
A surface mount backbox is included with the M1KP2. An optional flush mount backbox is available, ELK-M1BBK2.

Both backboxes feature a circular knockout to accommodate the speaker.
Mount the speaker in the backbox using 4 small screws (#4 x1/2" flat head screws were used in the pictures below).
Connect the speaker to Output 1 of the M1 Gold board or to one of the speaker outputs on the ELK-M1TWA Amplified Two-Way Listen-In Module.

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