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Alarm Reporting Alternatives: IP & Cellular Alarm Reporting Options
Amy Strickland - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If you are looking for alternatives to reporting over a traditional phone line,  IP or cellular reporting options may provide the solution you need. In this post, we will outline the alternative reporting methods and devices support by the M1 Security & Automation controls.



  IP Reporting Options 

IP Reporting is achieved using the ELK-M1XEP Ethernet Interface.  This interface supports the following Central Station Receivers:

• DSC SurGard

• OH2000E

Additional Information & Resources:

  Cellular Reporting Options: 

Uplink 4500EZ

• Connects to M1 using the ELK-M1XSP Serial Expander with special firmware for Uplink

• Requires special cable from Uplink to connect from the  RS232 port of the ELK-M1XSP to the
   "Serial Interface" connector on the 4500EZ

Additional Information & Resources:

AES IntelliNET

• Connects to M1 using the ELK-M1XSP Serial Expander with special firmware for AES

Additional Information & Resources:


and many other manufacturers


Dial Capture

• Captures data from telephone dialer and transmits the data over the cellular network

• Connects to M1 where a phone line is typically connected

• M1 is setup as though it is reporting over a phone line

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