Know an Alarm Has Occurred

The Siren Has Timed Out, So How Do You Know 
An Alarm Has Occurred Before You Enter The Premises?

Entering your home or business after an alarm has been activated can be dangerous.  Recent reports state that over 50% of burglars are armed with a deadly weapon (guns, knifes, etc.).  If a fire activated the alarm, even if the fire is not yet visible from outside, entering the premises could cause smoke inhalation or serious injury.  

The use of an outdoor strobe can be a great way to alert you that an alarm has occurred, while at the same time making the premises more visible for authorities and emergency responders. 


ELK-SL1C Strobe mounted 
with ELK-WK1 Wall Mount Kit

The strobe should be placed in a visible area outside. When an alarm is activated, the siren and strobe will turn on.  The siren will time out based on the alarm duration setting for that type of alarm.  With the rules below, the strobe will stay on until the system is disarmed.  



          THEN TURN Output 003 (Out 3) ON

          THEN TURN Output 003 (Out 3) OFF


It is recommended to connect the strobe to output 3, because it has a higher current rating which the strobe needs to operate properly.

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