M1 - Not Just for Residential Installations!

Did you know that M1 Controls are great for commercial applications? Sure, M1 Controls have been installed in typical homes, as well as those of the rich and famous; but M1 has also been installed in school systems, local government buildings, restaurants and more!

M1 provides rock solid security with incredible expansion capability to support a large number of inputs. Wireless capability makes it a perfect fit for retrofit installations and our encrypted Two-Way wireless products defend against interference, hacking and jamming to provide a truly secure and reliable wireless solution.

The M1 can be easily programmed for automatic arming and disarming based on time, occupancy, etc. Scheduled arming/disarming can easily be overridden to accommodate holidays or inclement weather, or other special circumstances. M1 can also provide notification if it is not armed or disarmed at expected times, keeping businesses secure and running smoothly.

M1 can alert the monitoring station and/or provide notification to management, maintenance staff, etc. when events occur such as undesirable temperatures, water leaks, and more. Companies with multiple locations can easily be managed and monitored from corporate headquarters, too.

Since commercial buildings often use more electricity than typical homes, energy management is a great way to add more money to the bottom line. Energy usage for lighting, climate control, electric water heaters, and other electrical devices can be scheduled based on time of day or occupancy.

The integrated door entry control supports up to 16 entry points and 199 users/credentials. The system can be partitioned to support multiple buildings or business departments. This allows independent arming or disarming of buildings or departments and allows user/credential authorizations to be customized, restricting or allowing access to high security areas. Cloud based user management options make it easy to add, delete, and edit users for a single system or across multiple systems!

So remember, for residential or commercial applications, when you need one complete control solution, think M1!

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