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NC New Area Code Overlay and 10 Digit Dialing
ELK Tech Support - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Article by Chris Lohr, NCESA Vice President,

NCESA Security News, February 2016 Edition

As you may know new area codes have been introduced in our state because we are running out of phone numbers. These new area codes will be overlaid on existing area codes. For example the 336 area will be overlaid with 743. The 919 area code will be overlayed with 984 and 704 overlaid with 980. Beginning April 23, 2016, you will have to dial 10 digits to make local calls. You can dial. 10 digits now and it will be mandatory beginning April 23, 2016. 

This will affect the way some alarm systems communicate with the central station and possibly your office. If you are using a local central station and your customer's panel communicates via land line then you have some reprogramming in store. 

Use a central station that communicates via 800 number over a land line? Then you have no worries. How about a panel that uses cellular or a radio, no worries in that situation either. Are you programming that alarm panel via a land? On what number does it call your software? Do you service any medical alerts that communicate to local facilities? Well those numbers must be a 10 digit number after April 23, 2016, if the call is being made in the same calling area. So you might have some reprogramming to do. 

Don't forget to consider any call list or other numbers in a database that will need to be changed. 

If you do have to send a technician out to do some reprogramming then you may want to take the opportunity to discuss the system and inquire about any additional needs or upgrades your customer might enjoy and possibly even pay for! 

Check out the map below and if you need more information take a look at the NC Utilities Commis­sion website at http://www.ncuc.commerce.state.nc.us