Add Value to Video Surveillance Installs with Voice

Video surveillance continues to expand its presence in residential and commercial markets as network capabilities and lower equipment costs increase marketing appeal. While some consumers may find DIY options attractive, there are many opportunities for professional installers to differentiate themselves with customized offerings.

Incorporating custom voice messages by using video based triggers allow installers to tailor video surveillance solutions, adding value for customers and additional revenue for them. Easily add custom messages with ELK's recordable voice modules featuring multiple voice channels, 8 minutes of recording time, an on-board microphone for easy recording, and a 24 watt amplified speaker output. The units also offer a line level output for use with paging systems and A/V amplifiers. A PC sound card is available, allowing the transfer of WAV files for custom sounds or frequently used messages.

When activity is detected, an embedded NVR with I/O capabilities can be configured to activate an output to apply a 12VDC trigger voltage thus activating the desired message on the ELK messaging unit. It is also possible to utilize Video Management Software (VMS) over IP, allowing rules to trigger alerts based on more specific events such as a virtual "trip wire", the removal of an object, and more.




4 Channel Recordable Voice Module


8 Channel Recordable Voice Module

Featured Accessories:

16.5VAC, 45 VA Transformers
Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Computer Sound Card Interface
Speaker & Stainless Steel Enclosure
Echo™ Speaker
10 Watt Audio Amplifier
Supervised Remote Power Supply
40 Watt, 8 Ohm, Exterior Speaker

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