Brighten Any Holiday The Easy Way


Decorative lighting can be a festive way to share the joy of any holiday. 

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to worry about turning those holiday lights on and off?  Here's a fun tip to take the hassle out of holiday lighting with the M1 Cross Platform Control and lighting/appliance modules


During the month of December, the holiday lighting will turn on at 7:00 pm and stay on for three hours.  Additional modules may be used to control lighting in more than one area by adding THEN statements to the rule.

     AND THE MONTH IS December
          THEN TURN Holiday Lights1 [1(A1)] ON FOR 3 HRS
          THEN TURN Holiday Lights2 [2(A2)] ON FOR 3 HRS

The time and duration of the lighting can easily be adjusted to meet individual needs.  Any type of decoration operating on 120V AC can be automated using appliance modules: decorative lighting, inflatable or animated characters, etc.  Keep this tip in mind throughout the year when decorating for other holidays; such as, Independence Day and Halloween.  

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