Do not buy your system from a retail distributor expecting to have a professional install it; most professional installers will not install a system they did not purchase and have possession of from factory to installation. ELK recommends installation by professional installers as our products are manufactured for life safety.

If you choose to install the system yourself, you must purchase from an Authorized ELK Retail Distributor. Any sale of products by an unauthorized source, or other manner not authorized by Elk Products, Inc., will void the warranty on the applicable product. ELK does not technically support consumers, but our Authorized Retail Distributors will support ELK products purchased from them. See the list of Authorized Retail Distributors below.


Distributor Name
Toll Free
123 Security Products  866-440-2288
Absolute Automation 888-885-9910 810-519-6310
Alarm Super Store  877-781-7178
ASIHome 800-263-8608
Automation Source  800-800-5500
Discount Home Automation 619-905-4767
Gate Depot  888-818-4283
Home Controls 800-266-8765 858-693-8887
JMAC Supply Corp. 516-812-0917
Keyless Lock Store 561-479-0498
Newark Electronics 800-463-9275 937-434-0031
Orchestrated Home 888-659-5556 916-779-4820
Smarthome-Products Inc. 877-356-2122
TechTool Supply 877-208-6657
Tri State Telecom 800-223-4534 718-783-6262
Worthington Distribution 800-282-8864
YESCO 330-747-8593


Distributor Name
Toll Free
Aartech Canada 877-760-3105 416-800-0710
Absolute Automation Inc. 888-885-9910 810-519-6310
Home Innovation Distributors 877-255-7771
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