E27 Alarm Engine
NEW! E27 Alarm Engine

A new IP & cloud centric hybrid alarm control, with hardwire and wireless capabilities, Z-Wave integration and robust automation

M1 Controls
Smart Security Made for Integration

M1 combines security & life safety with smart automation and flexible integration with Control4, Crestron, Elan , Savant, URC and more

ELK Recordables
Add Value with Custom Alerts

ELK recordable driver modules are a powerful tool for adding custom voice messages and sounds, enhancing communication and engagement in a variety of settings.

Universal Cover Plates
From Daywreaker... To Fixed, Fast!

Easily conceal patchy paint, large voids, and old mounting holes, while providing a solid mounting surface.

Two-Way Wireless
Secure. Reliable. Innovative

Two-Way Wireless sensors for E27 & M1 with secure, encrypted transmissions and innovative security enhancements

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This new driver from Digital Automation provides control of security aspects of the E27 system through Crestron Home interfaces.


Consider ELK's M1 Security and Automation Platform, which offers many parallels to the Interlogix and Omni systems, as well as some distinct advantages.

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Know what's happening when you're away with text and email notifications based on security and other environmental events.


Prevent costly damage from an overflow, leak or other plumbing problem with an automated water shutoff valve and M1. 

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