ELK-M1XEP and Windows Compatibility

With Windows 10, and now in their latest updates for Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft has mandated the use of longer encryption keys for all SSL/TLS network connections. They abandoned support for shorter encryption keys currently used by a large number of installed “legacy” computing and networking devices. Microsoft’s decision to abandon support of shorter keys creates a situation whereby these legacy devices must either be updated or replaced.

Tens of thousands of ELK-M1XEP’s are currently installed or on stock room shelves. Because these Elk-M1XEP Ethernet Network Modules currently only support the shorter encryption keys, none of them will connect with a PC running Microsoft Windows 10, or Windows 7 and 8 with the latest updates installed, without one or more of the following actions or recommendations being followed:

- Update to FW 2.0.34 (or later) which supports the larger encryption keys. Unfortunately you will need a Windows XP or Windows 7 or 8 (without the latest updates) PC to do this since ElkRP on a Windows 10 or updated Windows 7 or 8 PC cannot securely connect to the M1XEP until after a successful update. If the non-secure port is enabled in the M1XEP, you may still connect to it that way to update it.

** ** If a Windows XP or not “up-to-date” Windows 7 or PC is not convenient, Elk has created a Special 2.0.34 Updater utility that may work if the M1XEP contains a version of FW in the range of 1.3.20 to 2.0.33. In recent field testing this utility permitted the specified M1XEP FW range to be directly updated (onsite ONLY) using a Windows 10 or up-to-date Windows 7 or 8 PC, without the need for ElkRP or a secure connection. NOTE: This special updater does not work on a M1XEP operating on a FW version older than 1.3.20. In that case the only solution is to use an older PC.

-For updating to 2.0.34, and for assured future connectivity, Elk recommends all customers hold on to at least one PC operating on Windows XP or Windows 7 or 8 with updates disabled.

This special utility is only designed to update the M1XEP to firmware version 2.0.34. The M1XEP must already be operating on versions 1.3.20 to 2.0.33 to use this special updater. Be advised that future M1XEP firmware updates will still be deployed via the ElkRP secure connectivity method. However in order to regain connectivity, the M1XEP must first be made compatible with newer versions of Windows by using an older PC or this special updater.

This link requires connectivity with ElkRP.  It can be used to update to the latest version after using the updater utility above or if the updater utility indicates that the M1XEP is already at version 2.0.34 or later.

If there are any questions about this please contact Elk Tech Support.

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