M1 Support Forum ELK-M1DBHR Question Reply To: ELK-M1DBHR Question

Brad Weeks

    The M1DBHR Dat Bus Hub Retro Fit has 4 RS485 Data Buses and there is a tremendous about of data all of which requires specific timing going from each Branch to the M1. It is our recommendation the wiring from the M1DBHR be as close to the M1 as possible. Each Branch of the M1DBHR can support longer data bus runs so could have the M1DBH in the remote area and wire each device in the remote area using CAT5/6 to the M1DBH. Use the P212S to power the M1DBH but Do Not Connect the +12V from the M1DBHR to the M1DBH — will only need Data A, Data B and NEG.

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