M1 Support Forum Popping noise on output1 to line level audio Reply To: Popping noise on output1 to line level audio

Richard Hosch

    Michael, no I had not made muh headway. I did try running the audio through one of the Elk relays and creating some rules that  attempted to close the relay just after an audio message started and then open it again just after, thinking I might could complete the line out circuit after the pop had already passed. Unfortunately, not only was I not able to get a timer and delay to work as expected, but the opening and closing of the built in relay caused just as bad of a pop. I was looking into a signal sensing circuit with soft turn on and off from elliot sound products that would probably do the trick but hadn’t yet tackled the project…


    Brad, thank you! That answers a question I had searched for quite a while but never found the answer to. I figured I’d have to buy the module to get access to a line level out on that header but really thought it was probably there somewhere. I’ll give that a shot and see if it’s a cleaner output than the standard siren/speaker out.

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