M1 Support Forum Popping noise on output1 to line level audio Reply To: Popping noise on output1 to line level audio

Richard Hosch


    So that worked! Audio out, and it eliminated the pops. However, it doesn’t seem like this header is affected by volume settings in the globals for voice? Do you know if there is any way to control this volume elsewhere in the settings? It seems the override input on the WHA amplifiers I have do not have a level setting for the override input, which is a minor annoyance. I can pad down the line level connection if needed but thought I’d see if you or anyone knew of a setting to affect that first.


    Oh, and tip for anyone else that finds this thread and post needing to do this – the header is a standard size, same as used in a ton of other devices. For example, a 2 or 3 pin LED or fan header for a computer motherboard and a few seconds with a file make this connection a snap. But warning… be careful to look at the J7 pic on the Elk mainboard and count starting with pin 1 on the correct side. If you get it wrong and count from the opposite side, the results are “unpleasant” to your ears and I would bet risk damaging your equipment.

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