M1 Support Forum Wireless setup “Loop” explained Reply To: Wireless setup “Loop” explained

Brad Weeks

    Please refer to either the M1XRFTWM or M1XRF319 or the M1XRF2H Installation Manual under supported sensors for more information on setting the OPT1, OPT2 or the LOOP # for the sensor. In general OPT1 and OPT 2 were features for the Interlogix Sensors in that when OPT1 was checked this indicated the internal Reed Switch was disabled so you could hard wire a contact and OPT2 determined if the hardwired contact was Normally Open or Normally Closed.

    LOOP #’s are used with ELK Two-way Wireless Devices and Honeywell Wireless Devices. For the ELK Two-way sensors the Internal Reed will be LOOP 2 with the exception of the 6022 which is a Universal 3 Zone device with the option to hard wire two external contacts. The External Hard Wired Contacts will connect to LOOP 1 and LOOP 3 with LOOP 2 being the internal reed.

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