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Randy Blair

    Yes many installers have to come to grips with the nature of an output being supervised with a resistor across it. That 2.2KΩ does the trick even if you are pushing something like a Doberman horn/strobe.  I have gone a step further though Brad and I have found another issue. I have a 100 foot fire wire run (or less; loop ohms 2.3Ω) with the Global 26 set to voltage output (which was running the Doberman fine) switched out to a self-contained System Sensor P2R set for 15 Candela and medium temporal 44mA and it would barely chirp.  I was puzzled. Started trouble-shooting by removing the Sensor and measuring the voltage across the the pair when we fired off the Fire Alarm.  Found the voltage bouncing from 13.8 V down to 4.3V then back up again.  So I applied 12 V straight from the ELK-412 that I have with the system and the P2R sounds great.  So I believe even though the Output 2 is suppose to be a straight Voltage Out it is actually doing a Fire-Yelp type signal voltage which sort of makes sense but does not satisfy the need for Self-Contained fire appliances.  Yep you know me. Always trying to make this thing do something it was not designed for :).   Figured this discussion might help someone else starting to deal with heavier fire install situations using the new Elk-6052 or 6053 Smoke /Heats.  Which work great!!

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