M1 Support Forum Control System Startup Randomly Reply To: Control System Startup Randomly

Doug G

    The system has not changed in the 7 years it has been installed. All the devices on the bus are on wireless, minus the three wired keypads, one Elk Ethernet Port interface, one siren, and two wired garage sensors using the ELK M1DBH Data bus. There have been no issues up until the past few days as I stated in my previous post. There is only one home run (M1 installed) and no secondary power supplies. I do run the ELKM1XSLZW for the Leviton Zwave module for my lights and I think it is pretty simple setup. How can I see what has went bad on the system or if something is failing? Nothing has changed at all. I am just trying to start with basics as of right now it has run fine with no issues. That just happened twice within the past maybe month. It does not do it often enough for me to worry, but I want to make sure nothing is failing or going to fail. Thank you Brad!

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