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Dan Zister

Thanks for your reply Elvis.  This current sensing switch is something I’ll look into further as I have a video doorbell.

However my more immediate issue is trying to understand how to make my 930 work with a simple pushbutton doorbell.  My configuration is as follows:
I have the 930 “B” connected to the back-door button with the outputs (“Out” and “Neg”) connected to Zone162.
Zone 162 is defined as “16-Non-alarm”, with type as “2=Normally Open”. Voice Description = “Door Bell Back Door”.
A rule is entered as:
“Whenever (zone 162) becomes Not Secure then announce “(Zone 162)”.

This configuration sort-of works. Pressing the back doorbell rings the doorbell chime consistently. However the M1 behaviour is inconsistent; sometimes it makes the announcement, sometimes not.
When it does announce, it makes the announcement twice.

Is there a better way to connect this so it works consistently?

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