M1 Support Forum Connecting to M1XEP using VPN Reply To: Connecting to M1XEP using VPN

Jeff Rose

    Wondering if this was ever solved?

    I have RP2 working correctly from my local LAN but when I try to connect from another location using a PC connected to the router with a VPN, it will not connect.  I can connect to other devices and ping the ELK M1EXP but RP2 will not connect. Using ASUS router with OpenVPN server. Client is tunXten with TUN protocol. Client PC is running Win10 and is an identical setup to the PC on the local LAN.

    I’m using the tunXten client because I found that the OpenVPN client was having issues with DNS in the TUN protocol and TAP protocol fails on Windows clients.

    Suggestions would be appreciated.

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