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Brad Weeks

    Please try the following:

    • Power down the M1XEP and Install a black Jumper on JP2 of the M1XEP
    • Power up the M1XEP and watch the Green Network LED
    • After approximately 10-15 seconds the Green Network LED will blink once per seconds or twice per seconds (refer to page 18 of the M1XEP Installation Manual “Forcing the M1XEP into DHCP Mode”
    • If two blinks per second power down and then back up (with the jumper on JP2)
    • Once the Green LED is blinking once per seconds Remove the JP2 Jumper (with the M1XEP Powered ON) and allow the M1XEP to reboot
    • Once rebooted see if you can FIND the M1XEP with the latest version of the ElkRP2 Programming Software
    • If found compare the MAC Address printed on the M1XEP label vs what was found — they should match. If not then the MAC address got corrupted most likely due to an interruption in power while the M1XEP was writing to memory
    • If the Original MAC was reserved to a specific IP within the router you will need to remove this reservation
    • Highlight the found IP of the M1XEP and click Use Selected
    • Close the M1XEP Setup
    • In ElkRP2 click Setup, Options, Network Adapters and from the dropdown select the IP Address of your PC on the Local Area Network (LAN) The M1XEP and your PC should be within the same range — for example M1XEP at 192.168.1.xxx and your PC at 192.168.1.yyy
    • On the Account Detail Screen in ElkRP2 for the “System URL/IP “ this should be the IP of the M1XEP on the LAN
    • Port 2601
    • The “Connect Non-Secure” Should NOT be checked


    Try the Connection Again. If unsuccessful:

    • Open the M1XEP Setup
    • Click Trace
    • From the Trace window click Select ALL, click Show Setup, Click Resume (very important to click Resume)
    • If necessary move the Trace window over so from the Toolbar in ElkRP2 click Connection Network
    • IF the connection fails then from the Trace Window click Copy To Clipboard and forward the trace data to techsupport@elkproducts.com with a brief note
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