M1 Support Forum Z-Wave Intergration Reply To: Z-Wave Intergration

William Turner

    Home Assistant has a great Elk M1 integration as well.    Free as well.

    In the 10 years it’s been available as opensource it’s really good and much much easier to use now.   2023.9 is the latest release.

    I’ve been using it with a Home Assistant Yellow PoE edition with a Zooz ZAC93LR GPIO module (about $18.00 at many retailers).   Just install the GPIO before installing HA and you are good to go!  Works well with the Zigbee/Matter/Thread module on board as well as Bluetooth (you do not need to disable BT in the boot configuration, that’s for other Raspberry Pi setups).    You can also use a leftover PC or inexpensive single board computer.

    The Elk M1G integration is actively maintained and updated.   (Unlike the HomeSeer plugin before I moved platforms).

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