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Jay Basen


    I configured Zone 58 to be a water alarm (I also tried several other zone alarm types).  Then I sent the following string to the Elk system to trigger zone 58:


    The keypad did start beeping and the keypad display said there was a water alarm.  However, there is an automation that runs whenever there is a water alarm to trigger an output that is connected to a Watercop motorized valve to turn off water to the home.  This didn’t execute.  In addition, the Crestron Elk M1 Zone Control Module reported that the Zone Status was normal.  It didn’t report that the zone was violated.

    It seems that there are significant limitations to the zone trigger command and that the only workable solution is to wire outputs on the M1 system to zone inputs and use the outputs to trigger the zones to an alarm state.


    Thanks again for the help

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