M1 Support Forum M1XEP Setup Error Reply To: M1XEP Setup Error

Brad Weeks

    On the Account Detail Screen:

    • Check to make sure the M1 Serial Number is all 8 digits and should start with 0. The M1 Serial Number can be found on the bottom of the M1’s black plastic housing or from Keypad programming  Menu 9-Installation Programming, 07-Globals System Definitions, G43.
    • Also check G34 to make sure the M1 Baud Rate is 9 = 115200
    • The Default RP Access Code is 246801
    • Click Setup, Options, Network Adapters and in the dropdown the IP of your PC should be listed and should be in the same range of the M1XEP — For example the M1XEP at 192.168.1.xxx and the PC is 192.168.1.yyy
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