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Martin Banks

    Hello OP and other contributors.

    We’re having a similar issue.  We’re trying to trigger an automation based on the Zone Trigger command sent via RS232 from a control system (Crestron in this case).  Broader picture:  We want to use the Crestron motion sensors (PIRs) on a site to trigger events / automations / actions (call them whatever you like) on the Elk M1.

    We’ve used the Ness SDK software to generate ASCII serial strings.  (Ness is the re-badged Elk brand in Australia.).   We’ve cross-checked the strings with the RS232 Protocol document, and checked the checksums with a checksum calculator.  All look correct.

    We have been able to successfully use generated strings to trigger outputs and check input voltages.  Happy days.  Furthermore, the M1 is already doing a heap of integration things via RS232 from the Crestron.  Therefore, it’s not an issue with the RS232 setup.

    However, the problem we have:  The Zone Trigger (ZT) command simply does not work.  In fact, it doesn’t even prompt a serial response (rx$) from the M1.  We’ve tried several combinations of configuration on the RP software to program our M1 Gold for a ‘virtual’ or ‘phantom’ input.  None of them work.  Including:

    – Zone Definitions: Non-Alarm, Burglar Entry/Exit, Burglar Interior

    – Type: EOL (with a 2k2 resistor), Closed (with a jumper) and Open.

    The documentation suggests ‘many’ zone types will function.  It also suggests a momentary Open command is issued, from which my limited brain deduces the zone should be configured with Normally Closed with a jumper in order for a change of state to be recognised.

    I’m home from site now and looking at this forum so I can’t do further testing until I get back to site.  I see the previous replies about using a Non-Alarm definition to trigger an automation response, and I’ll try this tomorrow.  But… I’m not confident, because the ZT command doesn’t even get a rx$ response from the M1.  Seeing as other commands work fine (Outputs, Voltage query), it seems to me the serial syntax is wrong for the ZT command.  But the documentation marries up with the SDK code generator.  Therefore if I trust the documentation, the problem must be with the zone setup on the M1.

    I’ll try the above method (i.e. make an Automation rule) tomorrow.  In the meantime, if anyone on this forum happens to read this and knows the solution, I’ll buy you a drink if you ever come to Queensland.

    Lots of love.

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