M1 Support Forum elhrp 2.0.24 to 2.0.4 update Reply To: elhrp 2.0.24 to 2.0.4 update

Brad Weeks

    Before updating the ElkRP2 software it is a good idea to make a copy of the elkaccts2.mdb file which is the database for all of your accounts. It is good practice to periodically make a backup of the elkaccts2.mdb database and save to another location just in case something were to happen to your PC you would still have your accounts. When installing the M1XRFTWM it must start at address #2 then you can add up to 3 more M1XRFTW’s to the data bus (addresses 3 -5) . The M1XRFEG could be addressed to 3 or higher up in the list. At this time I would suggest updating the M1 to version 5.3.18 and make sure the M1XRFTWM is at 1.2.64

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