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Brad Weeks

    The M1 would have no problem attempting to make the call to your Central Station however it would be up to the Internet Service Provider to insure the call quality. When an Event is created and the M1 needs to call out it will seize the phoneline, dial the number to Central Station, deliver the data packet and wait for the Acknowledgement or Kissoff from the Central Station Receiver. If the M1 does not receive the Acknowledgement from the Central Station Receiver the M1 will LOG and display on the keypad Failed To Communicate. As far as setup:

    • Create a Telephone number in ElkRP2 — Right Click on Telephone and create Telephone #1
    • Type = 0 Always report to this number
    • Name is optional
    • Number to Dial {phone number to your Central Station}
    • Reporting Format {Central Station will provide this information but most likely 1 = Contact ID}
    • Dial Attempts 1 -15 is the range —- most common value is 8
    • Under “Report the following using this number” check all 5 boxes
    • Your Central Station will assign you and Account number which usually is 4 – 6 digits
    • Under Area 1 Account enter the Account number assigned by your Central Station — if given a 4 digit Account # add two zeros in front of the number
    • In ElkRP2 under Communicator select the events to send to your Central Station by making the “Pulse” value a 01. If the Pulse is 00 it is disabled and the event will not send to your Central Station
    • Before TESTING make sure to contact your Central Station and request your Account be placed in Test Mode for xx time so that the Authorities are not dispatched. 
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