Alarm Engine Support Forum APP connection issues Reply To: APP connection issues

Michael Burrell

    Paul – we have recieved similar reports from other Android users. There is an APP release coming out very soon in which we address several reported issues like this. But I will say, with apps it is difficult to pin point the causes. We have addressed issues in which we were able to replicate the issue, this one is posed to be challenging as it is tough get it to do it consistently, we have put forth a lot of effort into improving network stability and resuming from the background. We are testing an internal app release that seems to have resolved these issues. That said, please continue to report any odd behavior from the app as we will continue to refine it. We are consistently testing and making improvements and this type of feedback is very helpful.

    Edit: I failed to address your second question. The web team is working on the remote management of the system from the web portal. You will likely see this released in phases with limited functions. They will likely release a part of the configuation as they make progress, as opposed to waiting til they complete the entired programming application side of the panel. We want to get feedback to confirm the programming look and feel from the web is what you all are expecting, before we complete the entire process.




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