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Michael Burrell

    Dwight – Thanks for your patience. I will update you as soon as I have an answer.


    John – That is the plan, it just takes some adjustments to the control, the app, and the cloud. Currently, engineering followed the Z-Wave protocol specifically. There are two class indications used for Z-Wave devices that control lights/power: GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL and GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_BINARY. We reference each of these with a hex value. Based on the Z-Wave specification, engineering made the determination that multilevel devices are lights and binary devices are appliance-type devices or outputs. From feedback like Dwight’s, we are now aware this was an incorrect assumption, and it was added to the to-do list.

    To remedy this, we will need to add an additional bit to the protocol that allows the installer to indicate to the control whether the Zwave binary device is a light or an output. The control will need to store that data and present it back to the app. The apps do not store configurations yet, but if they did, the control would still need to keep track of this information for when new apps connect. The app and cloud need to be updated to be able to set this bit/option. In addition, the app needs to display the proper UI for the user and send the proper commands to the control. Currently, all lights are dimmers. Even the toggle on the light page is a dimmer set to 0 or 100. The rules engine in the control also has to be updated, as we allow the writing of rules for lights. We will need to determine if the light can accept a variable setting, and so on.

    It is all very doable, we just need to get it completed.

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