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Michael Burrell


    I have not seen this behavior before. Can you grab a screenshot and send it to me? I would like the devs to look at it. You can send it to

    The web portal is making a direct call to the control panel when you load the panel details page. The intention is to give the installer a snapshot of the system status at the point of loading the page. The status of the sensors will not update. Unlike the app, the website doesn’t have a constant connection to the panel when you’re interfacing with it. Due to how web portals operate, it has to make a call to the panel each time you make a change or reload the page. If a sensor changes state after the page has loaded, it will not update and will only show the state the sensor was in at the point of the page load. This application is in preparation for when we implement the remote configuration from the web portal to the control. It will be useful to see the status of the system prior to attempting to program it. Remote programming from the web portal is not implemented yet. We are working on completing this feature.

    The behavior you describe is odd; it could be some sort of sync or token issue. But I would like to see some images of it. Also, if you tell me the specific times this was happening, I would like to check the error logs to see if there is something to be found from that.




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