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Michael Burrell


    Good question. Let me explain.

    First, let me state that this is the correct behavior from the sensors and the system. The Alarm Engine utilizes “physical input” and “logical zone” association programming, which is somewhat different from other controls, even our M1G. This also applies to wireless devices. On the 6020, the physical input is the reed sensor, which is viewed as WX-IN1 in the app. This stands for Wireless Transmitter Input 1. Since this is a piece of hardware, although wireless, it is considered an input. Since the 6020 has just the reed switch, it is shown as WX-IN1. This maintains consistency with the hardwired numbering, which shows you the input you are utilizing on that specific piece of hardware.

    For example, the Main Board can display MB-IN1-16 due to having sixteen inputs. The AEXIN can also display XIN-IN1-16 due to having sixteen inputs. Since the 6020 has just a single input (reed), it is designated as WX-IN1.

    This scheme allows for transmitters or wireless devices with more than one input. For example, our 6022 wireless sensor has three inputs. When you use this device, you have EXID A2212345 – Input 1, EXID A2212345 – Input 2, and EXID A2212345 – Input 3 to choose from. Input 1 is the external LP 1, Input 2 is the Reed, and Input 3 is external LP 3. This allows the same EXID Wireless device to have more than one input. We indicate it in the app to enable you to properly service the system. In the future, we may have additional wireless expansion devices with larger input counts. This association method allows us the most flexibility for new offerings.

    If you have any additional questions, let me know.


    Mike Burrell

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