Alarm Engine Support Forum Not getting text notifications Reply To: Not getting text notifications

Michael Burrell

    John – The user can do so by logging into, then natigating to Notifications.

    When they get to this page, click on the system they want to edit the notifications for. Click the pencil icon on the right. My demo account has an extra panel due to testing, most customers will just see the one.

    Then they will see a page similar to this one one below. The boxes next the user’s name will indicate which notification methods are enabled. Email, Text, and Push. If the box is “blue” it is enabled. If it is “white” is not. If there is no box at all, then this information is not provided. For example, if the first box is there but there is just an App Push box. Then the phone number hasnt been added for this customer to accept text messages.

    To disable email notifications, just click the box with them email address in it. It will turn white and it will no longer be enabled.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.



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